Fara í efni

Information about the teacher strike

As a teacher strike has been announced from 17th March, the school administration wants the following information to reach students and their guardians. The following are the most important aspects, but further information can be found here.

# The school will be open if there is a strike, i.e. the office, library, classrooms in wing C and Gryfjan. All vocational classrooms will be closed.

# The headmaster does not go on strike and will be present and also service staff, support staff and office staff.

# Part-time teachers teach during the strike – a list can be found in the further information.

# Teachers do not answer e-mails if there is a strike.

# The dormitory and the canteen there will be open.

School administration encourage students to go on studying if they possibly can in case of a strike. Students have to follow the news carefully next weekend because if an agreement is made before the 17th then teaching will continue on Monday as usually. All information will appear on the VMA-homepage as soon as possible.

If you need information you can call the office (464-0300, or send email at vma@vma.is).