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VMA Introduction

Akureyri Comprehensive College

Akureyri Comprehensive College was founded in 1984. Students at the school are on
average around 1300 but alongside this quite many students study in distance education
department each school year. The school has nearly 200 employees.
What characterizes the college is its focus on a variety of studies for all types of students. It
offers studies in industrial and technical fields as well as academic fields. The college is
organised with a phase structure that allows students to tailor their studies to their situations and

The educational choices that are available to students are extremely varied; general
studies, culinary studies, assistant nursing, sports, engineering, studies for students with
disabilities, hairstyling, construction, electricity and electronics, mechanics and metal industries.
Industrial and vocational studies finish with final examinations and in most industrial education
students need to work as apprentices for a certain time and finish by taking a journeyman's
Furthermore, students can complete the matriculation examination in social sciences, natural
sciences, artistic study program and business and economics, and can also complete
matriculation examination after completing studies in the fields of craft and technology studies at
the college. The matriculation examination prepares students for university studies.
One can have a closer look at studies on offer, departments and subjects, on the school's
website under www.vma.is nmi.

Autumn semester starts around 20 August. During the term there is a winter holiday, 1-2 days in
October (at the same time as in the primary schools of Akureyri). At midterm, students have to
choose which subjects they want to study during the following spring term if they wish to
continue their studies. Assessment varies but an overall assessment is made in each subject at
the end of term, followed by Christmas holidays. Spring term starts around 7 January. During
spring term there is also a winter holiday for 1-2 days in February or March (at the same time as
in the primary schools of Akureyri). Easter holiday starts in the Holy Week and continues until
Wednesday after Easter. Those students who want to stay in school the following term must
choose subjects around midterm. Assessment is conducted in the same way as in autumn
semester and after that the summer holiday begins.

The office is open weekdays from 8:00 to 15:00. There one can buy schoolbooks, printing quota
and get various information.

The telephone number is 4640300

VMA PIC number for Erasmus applications947240309

See a slideshow about VMA in English.

Information in English for new students and guardians/parents.

Information in Polish for new students and guardians/parents.

Information in Thai for new students and guardians/parents.

Contacting VMA:


Principal. (sklameistari)
Sigrur Huld Jnsdttir huld@vma.is

Assistant principal. (astoarsklameistari)
Benedikt Barason bensi@vma.is

Course director. (fangastjri)
Sigurur Hlynur Sigurssonshs@vma.is
Anna Mara Jnsdttir annamaria@vma.is

Student counsellors.(nmsrgjafi)
Helga Jlusdttir helgajul@vma.is
Svava Hrnn Magnsdttirsvava@vma.is
Harpa Jrundardttirharpajora@vma.is

HannesnaScheving(sklahjkrunarfringur school nurse) hannesina@vma.is

Information about Akureyri for visitors

Srpsko hrvatskom Polski

Tel: (+354) 464 0300

E-mail: vma@vma.is

Please feel free to contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

International projects.
VMA works with schools and other partners on international projects.
International coordinator. (verkefnastjri erlendra samskipta)
Dagn Valbergsdttir dagny@vma.is

Library. Head librarian. (Bkasafn. Bkavrur.)
Hanna rey Gumundsdttir hanna@vma.is

Click here for basic practical information for students and families; attendance, reporting sickness, dropping courses, minimum requirements, email, exams, selecting study for next semester, etc. (.pdf)

Directors of study for different study lines

Baldvin B Ringsted
Technical studies,
(Innm, vlstjrn) and Distance education(Fjarnm)

Harpa Jrundardttir
General skills
(Brautarbr) and Special education for students which need special assistance and individuals study plans.(Starfsbrautir, srhft nm fyrir nemendur sem urfa einstaklingsmia nm.)

mar Kristinsson
Science, sports science, art studies, s
ocial science, business line andassistant nursing.

(Nttrufr.br. rttabraut, listnm, flagsfribraut, viskiptanm og sjkraliabraut)

Breaking the language barrier

VMA offers assistance to foreign students and students whose first language is not Icelandic.

  • Svava Hrnn Magnsdttir, student counselor, serves as a special adviser to foreign students. Interpreters are available for attending meetings with non-Icelandic speaking students and parents.
  • VMA has diverse multicultural teaching and support staff allowing students to find assistance in understanding how the school works and how to seek help.
  • As often as possible, VMA strives to have basic information available in foreign languages.

Individual needs:

  • VMA takes pride in trying to meet the needs of all students.
  • Students and parents are encouraged to contact VMA if they wish the school to take into consideration any special circumstances.
  • Students are likewise encouraged to contact VMA should they wish to accelerate their studies.
  • Students living outside Akureyri can rent a room in the dormitory which is located close to VMA and serves both VMA as well as The Akureyri Junior College (MA, an academic college).
Last updated in december 2022 (RMH)
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