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International projects - Erlend samskipti

VMA is a comprehensive college offering both general and vocational education. The school has been involved in several projects funded by Nordplus and Erasmus. Projects include mobilities of teachers and students as well as strategic partnership.

The international coordinator for VMA is Hildur Friđriksdóttir (hildurfri@vma.is).

VMA PIC number for Erasmus applications is 947240309.


Below is information on the projects that VMA participates in 2018-2019:


VET@Work - 2018-1-FI01-KA202-047198

This Erasmus project is in some ways a direct continuation of other Erasmus projects, Workmentor and AppMentor, which VMA also participated in. The main aim of the project is to produce an online manual for implementing innovative ways of collaborating with the labor market when educating students within VET. Participants in the project come from both the educational system and the labour market. VMA's partners in the project are Het Idee and Stichting Welzijn Lelystad from the Netherlands, Axxell Utbildning AB and Raseborgs stad from Finland, Nantes Terre Atlantique from France, Broadshoulders Ltd from the UK and Hársnyrtistofan Medulla.


"InnoVET", Innovative VET devices in rural areas - 2017-1-FR01-KA202-03748

While economic globalization continues to put in tension territorial economic and social balance, many local actors are looking for tools and innovative ways to improve the adequacy between training offers and skills needs.What is at stake is how to enable workers to adapt to the changes of the local production system, while at the same time promoting competitiveness of small and very small businesses that make up the main part of the territorial economy. The partners in this project are MFR France, MFR Reunion island, Vivasol Lithuania, Sol et Civilisation France, BSC Slovenia, IFOCAP France, OFFA Belgium, GAL Napoca Romania and VMA.


Win Win Sports Project2017-1-NO01-KA201-034190 

This Erasmus+ Project brings together three Nordic partners; VMA, Oppdal Norway and Fjerritslev Denmark. The department of sports science in VMA will participate in this project which involves sharing innovating practices in connection to sports education and mobility of both students and teachers.


Language and land expansion of the vikings - NPLA-2018/10040

The project is a two-year language and reading project (Nordplus Nordic Language) between four cooperative schools in Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The aim of the project is to increase student´s knowledge and understanding of Nordic languages, history, culture and society. Another aim is also to develop teaching materials that can be used for teaching in Nordic languages and Nordic language history. The role of the participants in the project is to build networks, develop teaching materials and teaching plans. Two teachers from each school will teach one week at a time in one of the partner schools each year.


Students gaining experience abroad - Erasmus+

VMA is actively involved in sending students abroad for training and also takes care of students from abroad. VMA is working with SOSU in Randers Denmark and with Salpaus Lahti Finland in sending students for work placements in other countries.


 Previous projects:

secondary school in Oppdal, Norway, a well-known ski school that applies for the project. The partners are three; VMA, Oppdal and Fjerritslev, a Previou


Completing Secondary Education - 2014-2017

This is an Erasmus + KA2 project. Charlottenlund in Trondheim Norway is the coordinator, partners are VMA and schools in Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Germany. The project aims at collecting procedures and solutions that have been used and have proven supportive to students having difficulty in finishing their secondary education.

Webpage for the CSE prjoject 

CSE - best practice brochure



GreenPOP - 2014-2017

VMA takes part in a project in Macedonia about Organic Agriculture.

For some further information:



FING project on oil and gas, offshore work - 2014-2016

The FING project is a project funded by Nordplus and NORA. This is a project that looks to establishing an innovative network of quality within oil and gas training and education, while taking into account environmental and safety issues.

For some further information:


WorkQual - Workmentoring within a Quality management System- 2014-2016

Structure for Cooperation Between School and Small and Medium-sized Enterprices (SMEs)The WorkQual project is directly related to WorkMentor. The Workqual project was approved and started in September 2014. The goal of the WorkQual project is to develop a standardized approach to placing students in workplaces. The idea is to collect information, sheets, checklists and procedures and form a general model of how to work with workplaces to place students in workplaces.  VMA, Norway, Finland, England, Netherlands and France.




Continuum Skole Jobb - 2014-2015

The department for special education in VMA is working on a project to compare and improve the cooperation between schools and the workplaces where students in special education are being trained.   

This a description of the project in Norwegian.

Sharing good practices in vocatonal training for automotive technology and Transport - 2014

VMA is taking part in a Nordplus project about Automotive education.  This is a mobility project and based on visits between three schools, in Akureyri, Finland and Estonia.


WorkMentor - 2011-2013

The WorkMentor project has been an important part of the international work at VMA. VMA was the coordinating partner in a project that started October 2011 and ended in October 2013. The WorkMentor  project transferred the methods of mentoring into the relationship between a student in a workplace and an experienced worker supporting the student.


Collaboration with Charlottenlund Comprehensive College Trondheim Norway - 2014

Spring 2014, VMA paired up with Charlottenlund VGS (Videregaende Skole) which is a school /Comprehensive College in Trondheim, Norway. Together the two colleges sent applications for grants to the Nordplus programme to fund visits from students and teachers to the schools. 


AppMentor – 2016-1- FI01-KA202- 022668 

This European Erasmus+ Project brings together seven partners from across Europe with an interest in using technology as a tool to strengthen the mentoring process during work based learning. The partners plan to experiment using different technology to improve: communication, learning; mentoring and mentoring and review between the student, employer and tutor / trainer.


Nordic Modern and Criminal Literature – a Language and Reading Project - NPLA-2015/10003

This is a Nordplus project whose main objective is to increase Nordic cultural awareness and knowledge among students and teachers of the participants. The partners will also be experimenting with new methods for acquiring skills in Nordic languages. The partners in this project are Hadeland High School in Oslo, Katrinelundsgymnasiet in Gothenburg, Copenhagen's KVUC, Forening Norden in Norway, the Library in Gran Municipality in Norway, the University of Aarhus, the University of Gothenburg and VMA.

















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