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International projects - Erlend samskipti.

International coordinator for VMA: Hildur Fririksdttir (hildurfri@vma.is)
VMA actively takes part in international cooperation through:

Strategic partnership projects through
Erasmus plus:

AppMentor coordinated by Axxell, Finland

Win Win sports project coordinated by
Oppdal Videregaende Skole, Norway

InnoVET coordinated by MFR, France

VMA PIC number for Erasmus applications947240309
See information about VMA in English.
Information about Akureyri for visitors.
Rannis is the Icelandic National Agency for Erasmus and Nordplus.

Ferasgur r msum utanlandsferum starfsmanna VMA.

Nordplus Projects

Materials on Sports in Akureyri, New application.

Akureyri Municipality, Sport facilities.

KA sport club.

Kynning erlendu samstarfi VMA byrjun haustannar 2014,
meal annars eru talin upp verkefni sem eru gangi.

Skrsla um aljleg samskipti VMA 2015 - 2016.

Skrsla um aljleg samskipti VMA 2014 - 2015.
Skrsla um aljleg samskipti VMA 2013 - 2014
Skrsla um aljleg samskipti VMA 2012 - 2013

The projects VMA is working on.

Students gaining experience abroad.
VMA is actively involved in sending students abroad for training and also takes care of students from abroad. VMA is working with SOSU in Randers Denmark and with Salpaus Lahti Finland in sending students for workplacements in other countries.

Yfirlit um mguleika mannaskiptum. jan 2016.

Collaboration with Charlottenlund Comprehensive College Trondheim Norway.
Spring 2014, VMA paired up withCharlottenlund VGS(Videregaende Skole) which is a school /Comprehensive College in Trondheim, Norway. Together the two colleges sent applications for grants to the Nordplus programme to fund visits from students and teachers to the schools. See here.

SOS mobilitiesis a project preparing teachers for the work needed when sending underachieving students to workplacements in other countries.
See website here.

Continuum Skole Jobb.
The department for special educationin VMA is working on a project to compare and improve the cooperation between schools and the workplaces where students in special education are being trained. The first meeting was held in Norway in week 39, 2014.
The second meeting was held in Finland in February 2015.
See a description of the trip and the meeting in Icelandic.
See website for Spedial Ed. dept. at Askoy high school in Norway.
This a description of the project in Norwegian.

Completing Secondary Education.
This is an Erasmus + KA2 project. Charlottenlund in Trondheim Norway is the coordinator, partners are VMA and schools in Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Germany.
The project aims at collecting procedures and solutions that have been used and have proven supportive to students having difficulty in finishing their secondary education.
A summary of the work.
The application for the project is here.

The first partner meeting will be held in Finland.See agenda here.


VMA takes part in a project in MAcedonia about Organic Agriculture.

VMA tekur tt verkefni um lfrnan landbna Macedoniu.

Vefur verkefnisins er hr: http://greenpop.mk/en/

Stutt kynning slensku um GreenPOP verkefni.

FING project on oil and gas, offshore work.
The FING project is a project funded byNordplusandNORA. about development in education for offshore work. The main focus is on drilling for oil and gas, education for theses jobs, including security training, environmental aspects and technical matters.
The next project meeting is in Thorshavn Faroe Islands September 1 - 2 2014.

Norplus 2013 project nr. NPAD-2013/10293
Sharing good practices in vocatonal training for automotive technology and Transport.
VMA is taking part in aNordplus project about Automotive education.This is a mobility project and based on visits between three schools, in Akureyri, Finland and Estonia. The last meeting is held in VMA September 15 - 19 2014. See agenda here.

WorkQual- Workmentoring within a Quality management System.
Structure for Cooperation Between School and Small and Medium-sized Enterprices (SMEs).

The WorkQual project is directly related toWorkmentor. The Workqual project was approved and started in September 2014. The goal of the WorkQual project is to develop a standardized approach to placing students in workplaces. The idea is to collect information, sheets, checklists and procedures and form a general model of how to work with workplaces to place students in workplaces. VMA, Norway, Finland, England, Netherlands and France.

Partner Meeting 1 will be held in VMA, Akureyri November 13th - 14th 2014.
The project website is here.

WorkQual- Workmentoring within a Quality management System.
Structure for Cooperation Between School and Small and Medium-sized Enterprices (SMEs).
WorkQual verkefni er skylt verkefni starfsbrautarinnar. ar verur unni a v a stala vinubrg almennt samskiptum skla og vinustaa egar sklar koma nemendum vinnustaanm sem hluta af almennu nmi ea srhfu starfsnmi. WorkQual verkefni er mjg skylt og beinu framhaldi afWorkmentorverkefninu sem VMA stri og fjallai um a a ra nmskei fyrir starfsfstra sem taka a sr a styja nlia og nemendur vinnusta. VMA, Noregur, Finnland, England, Holland og Frakkland.

Sm kynning verkefninu slensku.
Vefur verkefnisins er hr.

Visit from Randers - Denmark.
Monday September 8th 2014 a delegation fromRanders Social- og Sundhedsskoleand from the social authorities for the kommune will visit VMA. See agenda here.

Heimskn fr Randers, vinab Akureyrar Danmrku.
NemendurRanders Social- og Sundhedsskolehafa komi vinnustaanm Akureyri, meal annars sjkralianemar. Sendinefnd fr sklanum og flagsmlayfirvldum svinu kemur heimskn VMA mnudaginn 8. september 2014.
Hr er dagskr ferarinnar.

Prior international projects:

TheWorkmentorproject has been an important part of the international work at VMA. VMA was the coordinating partner in a procet that started October 2011 and ended in October 2013. The Workmentor project transferred the methods of mentoring into the relationship between a student in a workplace and an experienced worker supporting the student.

VMA Staff trip to Massachusetts USA.
One third of the VMA staff went to Boston and surrounding areas May 29th - June 3rd 2015.
This trip was partly funded by an ongoing education fund from the Teachers' union.
See a slideshow about VMA in English
See the travel plan and school visits in Massachusetts in English.
Here is a narrative about our trip, in Icelandic, Ferasaga.
This is a chapter about Upward Mobility connected to the Pathways to Prosperity Network.
Here is a report on Pathways to Prosperity.
In 2013 we went to the Netherlands for school visits, in Icelandic, Ferasaga.


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