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VMA Introduction

Akureyri Comprehensive College    
Verkmenntaskólinn á Akureyri, VMA

VMA PIC number for Erasmus applications 947240309

See a slideshow about VMA in English.

Information in English for new students and guardians/parents.

Information in Polish for new students and guardians/parents.

Information in Thai for new students and guardians/parents.

Contacting VMA:   


Principal.   (skólameistari)
Sigríđur Huld Jónsdóttir   huld@vma.is 

Assistant principal.   (ađstođarskólameistari)

Benedikt Barđason   bensi@vma.is   

Course director.     (áfangastjóri)
Sigurđur Hlynur Sigurđsson shs@vma.is
Anna María Jónsdóttir annamaria@vma.is

Student counsellors. (námsráđgjafi) 

Helga Júlíusdóttir helgajul@vma.is
Svava Hrönn Magnúsdóttir svava@vma.is 
Harpa Jörundardóttir harpajora@vma.is
Hannesína Scheving  (skólahjúkrunarfrćđingur  school nurse)  hannesina@vma.is

Website: www.vma.is 
Information about Akureyri for visitors 

Srpsko hrvatskom    Polski     Pусский

Tel:   (+354) 464 0300    

E-mail:      vma@vma.is

Please feel free to contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Office director.  (Skrifstofustjóri)  
Hrafnhildur Haraldsdóttir  hrafnhildur@vma.is 

International projects. 
VMA works with schools and other partners on international projects. 
International coordinator.   (verkefnastjóri erlendra samskipta)

Hildur Friđriksdóttir  hildurfri@vma.is

Library. Head librarian.  (Bókasafn. Bókavörđur.)
Sigríđur Sigurđardóttir     sirry@vma.is

Click here for basic practical information for students and families;  attendance, reporting sickness, dropping courses, minimum requirements, email, exams, selecting study for next semester, etc.  (.pdf)


Directors of study for different study lines.  

Baldvin B Ringsted     
Technical studies,
  (Iđnnám, vélstjórn) and Distance education (Fjarnám)

Harpa Jörundardóttir  
General skills
  (Brautarbrú) and Special education for students which need special assistance and individuals study plans. (Starfsbrautir, sérhćft nám fyrir nemendur sem ţurfa einstaklingsmiđađ nám.)

Ómar Kristinsson  
Science, sports science, art studies, s
ocial science, business line and assistant nursing.

(Náttúrufr.br. íţróttabraut, listnám, félagsfrćđibraut, viđskiptanám og  sjúkraliđabraut)

Breaking the language barrier

VMA offers assistance to foreign students and students whose first language is not Icelandic.

  • Svava Hrönn Magnúsdóttir, student counselor, serves as a special adviser to foreign students. Interpreters are available for attending meetings with non-Icelandic speaking students and parents,
  • VMA has diverse multicultural teaching and support staff allowing students to find assistance in understanding how the school works and how to seek help.
  • As often as possible, VMA strives to have basic information available in foreign languages.

Individual needs:

  • VMA takes pride in trying to meet the needs of all students.
  • Students and parents are encouraged to contact VMA if they wish the school to take into consideration any special circumstances.
  • Students are likewise encouraged to contact VMA should they wish to accelerate their studies.
  • Students living outside Akureyri can rent a room in the dormitory which is located close to VMA and serves both VMA as well as The Akureyri Junior College (MA, an academic college).

Brief history of VMA

VMA was founded in 1984 by the merging of institutions that offered programmes in trades, mechanics, household studies and additional studies after 10th grade.   During the first school year VMA had 780 students, however recent years have seen that number increase to over 1200. In the last few years the number of students has been around 1100.  In addition, each year VMA has 300 - 500 part time students using distance learning for their studies.

The current number of staff at the school is almost 200.

VMA is a comprehensive college offering academic and vocational studies:  (the school years 2015 - 2016 and 2016 - 2017 we are changing the curriculum and in some cases we can not link to the specific lines of study)

Last updated in march 2019 (RMH)
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